Faculty Expertise

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Faculty Expertise

The faculty at South Carolina Law are leading scholars whose innovative research addresses some of today’s biggest challenges.

But more than just experts in their respective fields, they are also excellent teachers who are friendly, approachable, and willing to invest their time to ensure your success.


[Susan Kuo] South Carolina faculty love to teach. They are excited to be here. They are excited to work with students. They are excited to bring information they’ve learned from their travels, from their research into the classroom, into conversations outside of the classroom with students. We are an inviting, welcoming, gracious bunch of individuals.

[Hazel Bridges] Outside of the classroom, students have awesome opportunities to interact with faculty. Most of our faculty serve as advisors for student organizations. They often participate in a lot of our student events. Also, on a one-on-one level, students can go to their offices at any time.

[Marie Boyd] There’s a program where students can get a gift card and invite a faculty member to lunch. And it’s just a nice opportunity to get to talk to students in a smaller setting and often to talk about things that are unrelated to the class — about law school more generally or living in Columbia.

[Hazel Bridges] They are professors. They are family members. They are friends. They work so diligently in the field of academia. But they make it look easy. Law is a very serious and can be somewhat stressful of a career. But they often give us tips to deal with the stress and to truly be successful inside of the classroom and outside of the classroom.

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