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Grad Grant

The Grad Grant program matches skilled students with law faculty for research assistantships conducted in their 2L and 3L years. Our faculty members participate in a number of thought-provoking projects in technology, health care, children’s law and more.


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[Colin Miller] Here at the law school, we have professors doing any number of interesting things. They might be writing to the Supreme Court. They may be working on a book. And a student research assistant works with that professor researching case law. They’re reading through drafts of their works. They’re getting feedback. And they’re forming that relationship with a professor so that eventually that professor can serve as a reference or a letter of recommendation for that student when they’re applying for jobs.

At the law school, we also have a program called Grad Grants. And that is graduate research and development. And what that does is when students have applied to the law school, they can fill out an application indicating they’re interested in serving as a research assistant for a professor. If you’re interested in technology law, health care law, you get matched to the professor who works in that field. And you can know going into the law school I’m going to have the chance to work with this professor as a research assistant. And so it’s that security coming in where a law student coming to USC now they know they’re going to had that great experience coming into the law school.