Living Here

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Living Here

As a capital city, Columbia is home to many state and federal courts and offices, putting it at the heart of South Carolina’s legal world.

But the city still maintains an intimate, accessible feel complete with world-class restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and nearby parks, rivers, and lakes.


[Alexa Tattersall] When I moved to Columbia, South Carolina, one of the things that I noticed most was the sense of community. And as a prospective law student, that was really important to me — to still have the diversity and some of the great things I love about a big city, but also the closeness and the camaraderie of a small town community.

We’re situated right next to the Supreme Court of the state of South Carolina, also right by the Court of Appeals, the state capitol. So being a legal student and about to enter the legal profession, the location of the law school is second to none.

[Franklin McGuire] Columbia is a city that really feels like it’s starting to reach its prime. There’s a lot of influx of young people coming in. There’s a lot of new up-and-coming neighborhoods. I love trying out new bars and restaurants. I’ve gotten to live in some really great culinary cities across the world, and it’s really exciting to me that Columbia is starting to hit that as well.

[Alexa Tattersall] What I like to do mostly for fun is anything that’s outside. I really, really like going to the river walk. Any lakes and rivers that are nearby, I pretty much try to go to.

[Franklin McGuire] One of my favorite things about Carolina Law is even though it’s a smaller, intimate community all focused around the legal profession, it is part of a huge SEC school with an incredible, diverse offering of fun activities to do, football games to go to. I mean, we have a beautiful football stadium.

[Alexa Tattersall] I chose to come here because I wanted the Columbia experience. And what that means to me, really, is a sense of community, a sense of caring. I’m from clear across the country, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it when I’m here, because everyone is welcoming and engaging. So, it’s been a pleasure living here.

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