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SC Honors College

Qualified South Carolina Honors College students have the opportunity to participate in this accelerated program toward becoming a practicing lawyer. Students can earn their bachelor’s and juris doctorate degrees in six years, while mastering a set of skills acquired in both the SCHC and at UofSC Law.


[Steven Lynn] So being a part of the Honors College gives students a real advantage in applying for law school because, first of all, they’ve had a superb education. They’ve been taught in small classes by the very best faculty we have. And they have letters of recommendation by people who have national and international reputations. And that, for students, is just an enormous advantage.

And then there is a program that we have that allows you to get both your law degree and your undergraduate degree in six years. You can transfer back some of your law credits to your undergraduate degree.

[Axton Crolley] USC is a great option for any Honors College students because it’s basically the best law school to go to if you want to practice in South Carolina. The connections that you make here, you know, we have judges in South Carolina teaching classes. We have law professors who are former partners and attorneys at law firms.

Everyday you come into class and a professor might call on you and ask you to articulate views on things you’ve never even thought about before in your life. Those oratory skills that you keep practicing throughout the small seminar classes you’re in, that’s exactly what you’re doing in sort of a real world law environment. The Honors College, in particular, those seminars really help you master that set of skills.

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