Mentoring, Connecting, Networking

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Mentoring, Connecting, Networking

When it comes to developing your career, you are never alone at South Carolina Law. We offer mentoring programs that help establish your professional network and a leadership program that can give you a competitive edge. The Office of Career & Professional Development is guaranteed to provide you with the resources to help you land your first job, or transition to a new one — even after you have graduated.


[Elisabeth Beal] In the Office of Career Services, we work with students one-on-one to help them to assess career opportunities and interests, to review their application documents and make sure they’re polished and ready to go, to prepare for interviews, assess opportunities, and make decisions about what will be most aligned with their interests and goals long term.

[Elizabeth Crane] It is important for students to build networking connections within the profession in the practice areas that they’re interested in. Because the more information and advice that students are getting from attorneys in the practices in the location they’re interested in, the better that students can develop and build their personal career path and move forward in the most efficient way for their career.

[Kaitlyn Guttridge] The first thing that I had to do was send them my resume. They looked through my resume and then when I got to actually speak with someone, they asked me about my interests and they helped me to figure out that my interests were more geared towards a small firm or government work instead of a large firm. Just based on what I was interested in and what I had done in the past and what I wanted to get out of the job when I graduate.

So they offer a plethora of experiences and opportunities for students. One of them being networking nights that they have virtual and in-person. They do a mentoring program for the first years, as well as connecting students with firms that the students might be interested in just to go and have a coffee or to go in shadow for a day or two.