Academic Breadth and Depth

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Academic Breadth and Depth

What can you expect as a student at the University of South Carolina School of Law?

A high-quality education at an affordable price, a degree that can take you anywhere you want to practice, and abundant opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


[Jaclyn Cherry] The curriculum has over 100 elective courses. And out of those 100 elective courses, students are able to choose a variety of courses that will allow them to specialize or focus in a specific area.

[Clarissa Guerrero] I came in thinking I wanted to practice in one area. And after my first year, I’ve expanded to two other areas. That came through opportunities of fellowships for summer jobs, being able to meet other attorneys, through career services, and just the course availability.

[Jaclyn Cherry] So we have over 12 dual-degree programs, which allows for students to do a law degree and complete another degree in a shorter time span.

[Clarissa Guerrero] South Carolina Law offers a children’s law concentration, which is very rare among law schools. But it helps family law attorneys know that you have the experience and the passion to be a great family law advocate.

[Martin McWilliams] We have excellent tax faculty here. We have a broad spread of tax courses. And this law school has an excellent record in sending students to specialist graduate tax programs.

[Clarissa Guerrero] I’ve been given a breadth of opportunities — from the JOE Program, from peer mentors, from attorney mentors, from career services. I think I am finding the skills and being prepared in the best way possible.

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