Children’s Law Concentration

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Children’s Law Concentration

The Children’s Law Concentration program offers students enrolled in the JD program the ability to concentrate in an area of law that benefits children and families. Students enrolled in the concentration program will have a varied array of classes to choose from and will receive necessary exposure to professional development opportunities and prospective employers in the area.


[Michelle Dhunjishah] The Children’s Law Concentration is a special focus for law students that they can start in their second year of law school. It is a really exciting and innovative program because it gives students an opportunity to focus on children’s issues and families issues right here in the law school before they’re out in the field practicing.

There are a variety of classes within the Children’s Law Concentration. For example, there is an education law clinic where law students, alongside a supervising faculty member, represent students interest at IEP meetings. So there are courses like that, there of course, non-clinical coursework. So there’s a variety of both hands on learning opportunities and academic opportunities as well.

Being a part of the Children’s Law Concentration at the law school provides students with a really interesting and rich academic environment to explore issues that impact vulnerable children and families.

But in addition to that, it provides students with an opportunity to distinguish themselves among other graduates when they hit the workforce after they graduate.

[Kaitlyn Guttridge] Growing up with my dad as a family court attorney, it’s definitely something that I’ve been interested in. So any opportunities that I can get with a family court firm would be great. But my heart’s definitely with education, being a former teacher.

So working with the Department of Ed this past summer and this fall has definitely opened some doors for me and made some serious networking connections that I plan to continue.