Experiential Learning

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Experiential Learning

In your third year, you will have many different opportunities to test your skills and knowledge through South Carolina Law’s extensive experiential learning curriculum.

Clinical programs, capstone courses, externships, and pro bono projects all provide you with the chance to represent clients — both real and simulated — and gain practical real-world experience.


[Jaclyn Cherry] Students are ready for the practice of law because they’ve not only taken our first- and second-year courses, but by the time they get to the third year, they have the opportunity to actually put what they’ve learned into practice. And these practical courses allow them to be more than prepared to face the challenges of becoming a first-year lawyer.

[Chris Hawkins] I just began an externship with a judge here in Richland County. And my first day, I came in and got to meet the judge, and I got to listen to the closing arguments in a murder trial.

[Jaclyn Cherry] So our clinical program is a program for which students are able to actually practice law. They are licensed from the Supreme Court of South Carolina so that they’re actual attorneys working under the licenses of the professors here. And students will get to actually practice law before they graduate from law school and represent clients in a lot of different areas.

Our capstones are courses that offer a simulated type of atmosphere or environment where students can work with practicing attorneys who are teachers in the classroom and settle cases or work on cases.

The pro bono program is a volunteer program. And so they allow students to go out into the community and see where needs are, either legal needs or non-legal needs.

[Clarissa Guerrero] There are so many projects to choose from. I became a guardian ad litem my first year, first semester, because I knew I wanted to help kids and get into the family court system. You learn how to interview clients. You learn how to follow up. And you learn how to be an attorney in the making.

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