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Health Law

Health Law is on the rise in the legal industry, and South Carolina Law is helping to meet the demand of lawyers needed in this specialized area. We offer a well-rounded curriculum that will help you understand the complexities and nuances of this field through a variety of opportunities.


[Jeff Gerstenberger] So Health Law is not necessarily a specific category or topic, but encompasses various areas of law. That’s contract law. It’s business law. It’s admin law. There’s a lot that goes into it. So, if you have an interest in a specific area of law, health law still can be a career for students or a good place to study.

[Jacqueline Fox] One thing we’ve realized is that there is room in health law in law school, for law students to get a practical education in some of the easier to apply fundamentals such as access to insurance programs and making sure that people who need access to health care have lawyers who assist them in getting the access that they’re entitled to.

Because of that, we have developed a robust clinical program to train law students in the kinds of things you can do appropriately. as law students, to give you some real on the ground nuts and bolts experience of what health law really means to patients.

[Jeff Gerstenberger] So another great opportunity that we have for students during their third year is the CHAMPs Clinic, which stands for Carolina Health Advocacy Medicolegal Partnership. If you’re interested, it takes anywhere from eight to ten students in per semester, led by Professor Suski and is a great partnership between the School of Law, School of Medicine, Prisma Health Hospital and a few other stakeholders.

One of the particular reasons I looked at University of South Carolina School of Law and ultimately chose to come here was all the different opportunities they offered and that allowed me to really get plugged in and get hands on experience. in health law was the main reason that I chose University of South Carolina School of Law.