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South Carolina Law’s network of more than 10,000 alumni reaches across the country and around the world, making it easy for you to find a connection almost anywhere you want to practice.

And because our alumni are actively involved with the school and frequent visitors to the building, you can start developing those professional relationships as a student.


[J. Michelle Childs] Having a strong alumni network nationwide is very crucial to student development, as well as them entering into the profession. Because as you are engaging in the profession or moving about in the profession, for example, running for judge, running for legislator, you can always call upon your alumni through the USC connections in terms of broadening your career.

[John Langford] The university helps alumni stay connected by planning events and reaching out directly to alumni and giving us the opportunity to continue growing our relationships, both with each other and with the faculty and the deans here at the school.

[J. Michelle Childs] Well, they engage the alumni by keeping them informed about what’s going on at the law school, whether it’s through the website, whether it’s through on-site activities at the law school.

[John Langford] I’m an adjunct professor for the small business organization capstone course, which is a capstone that I had the opportunity to take while I was a student here. And now I get to be on the other side and help the students work through their papers and introduce them to practitioners in the community who may be able to plug them into jobs they’re looking for. And kind of talk to them about my experience as a young lawyer, which is a lot of fun to be kind of on the other side of things and help third-year students in the same way that I was helped.