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History / Heritage

South Carolina Law has a rich history of producing graduates who have gone on to become governors, U.S. Senators and Representatives, prominent federal judges, South Carolina Supreme Court justices, as well as leaders of national legal organizations, including the American Bar Association.


[Robert Wilcox] The school is 150 years old. It’s always had a clear mission as a public school of preparing people for public service and to do the service component of a career. Part of our library collection is a collection of rare books, rare historical items, which gives people a chance to step back and see how law used to be practiced a little bit in a different time and a different era in South Carolina.

[J. Michelle Childs] The University of South Carolina School of Law is just a general bedrock within this community, because it sits at the center of the state. And of course, we have our legislative branch here, and a lot of our alumni are senators and representatives. We also have a lot of alumni who serve at the highest levels of our court with the justices of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and then also the members of the federal judiciary. They are also managing partners at all of our top law firms.

And we have a strong alumni network around the nation. We are in all states with the exception of one. And so it just gives you a sense of how far our tentacles stretch.

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