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Student Life

Relationships lie at the heart of South Carolina Law, and our building was designed to create a welcoming and inclusive community.

With four journals and more than 20 student organizations — including competitive moot court and mock trial teams — you will have ample opportunities to hone your skills and strengthen your professional relationships.


[Alexa Tattersall] Student life here is wonderful. It’s probably the biggest aspect of why I chose to come here. Everyone is very, very welcoming and cooperative. You see students working together all the time. Inside and outside of school, people are just really here to support one another, so that’s a wonderful feeling to being in law school.

[Susan Palmer] Co-curricular activities at the School of Law include a number of things that are very directly related to building skills necessary for law practice. That would include things like the mock trial team, moot court competition, client counseling competition, negotiation competition, journals where students get an opportunity to do in-depth research and writing. In all of those activities there are legal skills that are being developed, but there are also the leadership and the organizational skills that are part of those activities as well.

[Alexa Tattersall] The facility here is wonderful for collaboration with students. First of all, we have an open courtyard, which is great for students that want to meet, they can eat together. Faculty and staff are able to use this space as well. We have study rooms on every floor of the building, which are wonderful because students can get together in big or small groups and study for classes, work on projects, or just hang out and talk to de-stress. And we also have the Student Commons area which is great because that’s the space where students can work, they can utilize our computers, and our printers, so it’s definitely study friendly as well.