Support from law alumni

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Support from law alumni

As graduates of the University of South Carolina School of Law, our students join a network of over 11,000 alumni across the country and world. Our alumni act as the face of the law school who work to make a difference in the lives of our students and faculty members.


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[Amy Hill] I think alumni are very involved in USC Law. The law school has done a great job of reaching out to alumni and having events throughout the year. There are mentoring programs. There are lots of opportunities to come and speak to law students. Certainly we provide a lot of question answerers.

I don’t hesitate if a student calls me and asks me about a particular area of my practice. I love chatting with them about it, maybe answering questions about what courses they might want to take. We like to interview students here. We like to hire them as law clerks in the summertime, and certainly we like to hire them as lawyers. I mean, they’re a great addition to law firms.

I’m a member of the Alumni Council. It’s a great group of people who get together — alumni, obviously, of the law school — but we get together, and we try to talk about ways that we can improve the law school, but more importantly, the ways we can improve the legal community in South Carolina.

In my own opinion, the law school here really sees itself as serving students but also sees itself as serving the legal community in South Carolina and for the benefit of South Carolinians as a whole.